AEP Recreation Land


April 28 - April 29

Suggested dates(nights) for camping


Southeast Ohio

Target Species

Largemouth Bass

Bluegill & Sunfish

Note: Some species may not be listed

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Home to 60,000+ acres of public land, 350 lakes/ponds, and 380 campsites

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Note: This is not a tournament. Rather this is a community gathering for a bunch of kayak anglers to get together and enjoy the sport. Getting on the water together, sitting by the campfire, and interacting with each other outside of a competitive atmosphere is what it’s all about. There are plenty of trails offering tournaments and we hope that you interact with those trails as well throughout the season.

Location Specific Notes: While you are on AEP Recreation Land grounds, you must carry with you at all times a free permit. You can print off the permit here: View & Print AEP Recreation Land Permit. In order to fish, you must also have a valid Ohio fishing license.

Dates: We have specified the nights most will be camping. In this case, we will be camping Friday night and Saturday night. Some people camp a third night and go home on Monday. Many people choose to stay and fish for a while after packing up their camping gear on Sunday.

Camping: Camping is free for this location. You must however print the permit (free), fill it out, and keep it with you at all times when on the land. KFO will have a camp setup at K. However, you are allowed to camp anywhere you wish. If you are not camping at K with the rest of the group, we suggest you at least stop by in the evenings or at some point to visit with the rest of the group.

Non-campers: If you are not able to camp or wish to join us or a group that is going for the day, make sure you coordinate with them where they will be. There is very little cell phone reception and you will likely not be able to call once you are on the land. If you do find yourself without your group and can not reach them via cell phone, KFO will have camp setup at K.

Fishing: AEP is known to hold a solid population of some of the biggest largemouth bass in Ohio. This will be the main target. However, the bluegill in the ponds also grow large and are plentiful in most of the ponds.

Exploring: We suggest that at the very least you use the buddy system when out and about. We encourage you to explore in larger groups however. In this specific case, being that some ponds are not all that large, we realize that anglers may want to pair down into smaller groups. In the same way, depending on the vehicle you are in, you may want to take two vehicles to your location in case one gets stuck. Some of the roads are “well off the beaten path” and it is quite easy to get stuck in some locations.



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