KFO Online Battle Tournament Info

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Dates: June 4 – June 5
Time: 6:00 AM June 4 – 5:00 PM June 5
Event Type: Online Event
Where: Any Public Ohio Body of Water or Pymatuning Reservoir
Status: Members Only

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Identifier Markings

Angler Name: Your Name
Event Name: KFO Online Battle
Event Code: Battle
Event Symbol: !


Event Information

Our third event is an online event that coincides with the Battle of the Border 2 event with Kayak Anglers, Mountain State Kayak Anglers, and Kayak Fishing Ohio! This means you can fish two tournaments at once, KFO Online Battle and Battle of the Border 2. However, unlike our first online tournament this one is members only. We are doing it this way because in order to fish the Battle of the Border event, you have to be a member of one of the three trails listed above.

Register for the KFO Online Battle and then head over to Kayak Fishing Series and register for the Battle of the Border event. Note: Registering for both events is not mandatory, you may register for one or the other, or both.

Again, the KFO Online Battle is available to KFO members only.


Identifiers for Event

Identifiers can be found here. KFO Online Battle markings will be posted Friday night after sunset both on this site and on social media.


iAngler Tournament App

We will be using iAngler Tournament App for all of our 2016 events. Remember that there is a practice tournament. We recommend also taking the picture on your device and uploading to the application. This way, you can choose the best picture possible. Familiarize yourself with the app so that come tournament day, it is as close to second nature as possible. Muscle memory people…



*Cash prizes are based on 20 registrants


$250 SeaDek Marine Products
$25 YakAttack
$25 Fishing Online
$250 Cash


$100 SuperNova Fishing Lights
$10 Fishing Online
$105 Cash


$50 Ram Mount
$36.90 Backwater Paddle Company
$5 Fishing Online
$65 Cash

KFO Online Battle Rules

For all tournament rules, please review our Tournament Rules for 2016. If you have any questions you may contact us and we will get your questions answered as quickly as possible.


Battle of the Border 2 Event Info

A joint kayak fishing tournament between Kayak Anglers, Mountain State Kayak Anglers, and Kayak Fishing Ohio. This is a MEMBERS ONLY event with 1st place going home with AT LEAST $1100 and a TBD Jackson Kayak.

This event is taking place on Pymatuning Reservoir and will be a 5 Bass limit. Member’s only entry tournament fee is only $20. Crawford County Visitor’s Bureau is sponsoring FREE camping all weekend at the group camping area at Pymatuning State Park. There will be a FREE BBQ dinner after the event for all tournament anglers.

All anglers (KFO, MSKA, and KA) will need to register through this website:https://www.kayakfishingseries.com/tournament.php?id=4752


Check in:(Pick up Identifiers)
June 3rd after 6pm @ Jamestown Group Tenting Area
1886 West Lake Rd. Jamestown. PA 16134
June 4th after 5am @ Linesville Beach Pavilion
3498 W Erie St Ext. Linesville, PA 16424


All pymatuning launches in Pennsylvania and Ohio are in play.

Pennsylvania or Ohio fishing licenses can be used while fishing the lake from a kayak.

Awards ceremony/dinner will be at the Linesville Beach Pavilion.

Additional updates for camping and Big Bass will be posted.

Please follow this event page for everything leading up to this great event!

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