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Dates: July 9th 2016
Time: 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM (July 10th)
Captains Meeting: 6:00 PM July 9th
Event Type: Member Only Event
Where: Kiser Lake St Paris, OH
Status: Members Only

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Identifier Markings

Angler Name: Your Name
Event Name: Available at Captains Meeting
Event Code: Available at Captains Meeting
Event Symbol: Available at Captains Meeting


Event Information

Our fourth event of the season is a member only event that will be held on Kiser Lake. This event is a night event and being that the event ends at 3:00 AM on Sunday morning, we strongly suggest reserving a camping spot. Many anglers already have. In order to do so, you can go here and reserve a spot online: Reserve a Camping Site at Kiser Lake

Captains Meeting

Captains meeting will be at 6:00 PM on Saturday July 9th at the Kiser Lake Beach. This is a mandatory captains meeting. We will pass out identifiers to anglers, we will go over rules, we will address safety. If you are camping, we suggest getting to the campsite before 6:00 PM so that you have time to setup, get your gear ready, make it to the captains meeting, and be on the water at 7:00 PM when the tournament starts.

Night Fishing Suggestions

Being that you will be fishing at night make sure you have a 360 degree visible light that you are able to attach to your boat. Additional lighting is up to you. If you are interested in lighting you can go here: SuperNova Fishing Lights at Fishing Online


Identifiers for Event

Identifiers can be found here. KFO Dark Water markings will be available at the captains meeting being held at 6:00 on Saturday. It is a good idea to print an identifier for yourself. However, KFO may provide identifiers at the captains meeting. We are not responsible for lost identifiers. Any submission without an identifier is DQ.


iAngler Tournament App

We will be using iAngler Tournament App for all of our 2016 events. Remember that there is a practice tournament. We recommend also taking the picture on your device and uploading to the application. This way, you can choose the best picture possible. Familiarize yourself with the app so that come tournament day, it is as close to second nature as possible. Muscle memory people…



*Cash prizes are based on 20 registrants


$250 SeaDek Marine Products
$25 YakAttack
$25 Fishing Online
$250 Cash


$100 SuperNova Fishing Lights
$10 Fishing Online
$105 Cash


$50 Ram Mount
$36.90 Backwater Paddle Company
$5 Fishing Online
$65 Cash

KFO Dark Water Rules

For all tournament rules, please review our Tournament Rules for 2016. If you have any questions you may contact us and we will get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

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