We bet you were expecting some long explanation as to why we are the best fishing club in Ohio or why we are the premier kayak fishing trail in central Ohio/Columbus. Well, you may just be right. Kayak Fishing Ohio is a club/trail that is found it’s roots in Columbus, Ohio. We offer events all throughout the state of Ohio and are growing with every kayak sold at Outdoor Source and Columbus Kayak.

We like to think of ourselves as pioneers but we have not done anything really special. We certainly have put a lot of time and effort into our digital presence and we feel that this gives our anglers clarity as to what is going on with the trail from start to finish. We have a lot of things in store for the future and hope that yourself as an angler, kayaker, bass fisherman or woman, will join us as we grow our club. We do however remain cognizant of the fact that with growth comes a certain level of competitiveness. We aim to always put people before the tournament and still be the foremost trail in terms of innovation both digitally and on the water.

We enjoy getting on the water and having a good time. Sure there are prizes and money involved but we are first and foremost on the water to have a good time with fellow anglers in Ohio. We enjoy camping and laughing by campfires. We enjoy eating good food the day of a tournament. We definitely enjoy relishing in our fish stories! We do not exclude anyone and everyone is welcome always and forever. No matter the skill level, the kayak, the fish that are caught, Kayak Fishing Ohio is Ohio’s premier kayak fishing trail.