Ohio Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing Ohio


Camp riverside or lakeside with fellow kayakers. Sit by the fire and talk with fellow anglers about the day or plan for the next.

Camp at State and private parks with anglers new to kayaking as well as veterans to the sport.

Ohio Bass Club


Learn from other kayak anglers or pass on a bit of knowledge. Whatever the case may be, rest assured that our events are all about fishing and becoming a better angler.

Enjoy some of Ohio’s top locations and waterways!

Ohio Kayak Trail


Explore new locations or areas of a body of water you may have never been to before. Maybe you have been but not in a kayak - all the same, we all play the role of guide and explorer throughout the year.

Explore locations across all of Ohio!

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April 28 - April 29

Southeast Ohio

Largemouth Bass

Bluegill & Sunfish

Home to 60,000+ acres of public land, 350 lakes/ponds, and 380 campsites

May 27 - May 27

Central Ohio

Largemouth Bass


A quiet 145 acre electric motor only lake near central Ohio


North Central Ohio

Largemouth Bass



10mph spee limit lake with 944 acres of fishing water

July 28 - July 29

West Central Ohio

Largemouth Bass


A no motor restriction lake with 396 acres of fishing water

August 18 - August 19

Northern Ohio

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass


A 750 acre island in Western Lake Erie

September 29 - September 30

North Central Ohio

Smallmouth Bass

Rock Bass

28 miles of scenic river in Coshocton & Knox counties

October 13 - October 14

North East Ohio

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Northern Pike & Tiger Muskie


2350 acres of fishing water

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As of 2017 Kayak Fishing Ohio is no longer a tournament trail and is now devoted to providing a platform that allows kayak anglers to discover new locations casually. New opportunities to discover, learn, explore, fish, camp, and enjoy meeting fellow anglers are a focal point for our events. We camp because we enjoy the outdoors. We fish because we enjoy the sport. We explore because we are in search of bigger fish. We do all of the above to put ourselves in amazing locations, around amazing people, and all in the great state of Ohio.